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About Turkey


In ancient times it was known as Asia Minor, the enormous landmass protruding from the depths of Asia into the Eastern Mediterranean, bordered by the Black Sea to the  North, the Aegean to the West, The Mediterranean to the South and then veering eastwards into the deserts of Arabia.

 Modern Turkey was built on the ruins of the Ottomans, whose 700 year old empire officially collapsed on October 30, 1918 after they were defeated by the Allies at the end of the World War I. Over the past 80 years Turkey has steadily moved from an economically backward and politically repressive backwater into a regional powerhouse, whose free market economy and solidly secular, multi-party democracy serve as a model for its neighbors in former Soviet Central Asia and its erstwhile protectorates in the Middle East.




Official Name                          : Republic of Turkey

Official Language                  : Turkish

Administrative Capital        : Ankara

Commercial Capital             : Istanbul

Religion                                     : Majority Islam, Jewish, Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Christian Minorities

Currency                                  : Turkish Lira (TL)

Population                              : 74,724.269 (dec.2011)

Government Type                : Parliamentary Democracy

Area                                            : 780,580 SQ km

Border Countries                 : Armenia 268km, Azerbaijan 9km, Bulgaria 240km, Georgia 252km, Greece 206km, Iran 499km, Iraq 352km, Syria 822km

Coastline                                  : 7,200km

Climate                                      : Temperate; Hot, Dry Summer, With Mild, Wet Winters, Harsher in interior