About | Merty Energy


MERTY ENERGY was established in 2003 with the aim of further exploring Turkey’s hydrocarbon potential. The company began as a three-man team offering consulting to oil and gas companies.

In 2004 company started to offer seismic services while going on acquiring exploration licences.The startegy of investing to the exploration licences started to pay off and Merty discovered two gas fields in 2006 and went on successfully.

By mid-2009, with four seismic crews, MERTY ENERGY was the largest seismic surveying company in Turkey. With 70 technical personnel and 195 ancillary personnel, it is one of the fast growing energy companies in the region and shows significant growth potential.

The company is a Petroleum Right Holder (GDPA), and owns a Gas Production and Distribution License, operates 21 licenses in Turkey, and operated 4 licenses internationally.

As a small-cap company, MERTY ENERGY’S operations are well structured and scientifically underwritten since it has a very well reputed and experienced core team. This structuring made the company stronger and very successful in its all exploration efforts. As a result in its short life up to today   it has discovered 9 gas fields and one oil field in its own licences.

The company’s CEO as well as its team enjoys an excellent reputation and, due his long-term standing in the Turkish petroleum and gas exploration industry, is well connected to key governmental and business levels, both within Turkey and throughout the region.