HSSE | Merty Energy



The studies of maintaining security of the employees, production and all operations, improving the quality of the work shows continuity at the head office and the organizational offices with the contractor. There is a dominated consciousness that, a good health and environment performance is a significant factor which brings business success and prevents the economical loss.

The subjects of continuous risk evaluation, required information and education, necessary control and supervision, registration and statics are carried out systematically.

The extent of Merty/Beron OHS and environment documents which have been prepared as a part of integrate management system, is provided to be carried out and kept up-to-date.

With the purpose of creating, maintaining and enhancing OHS and environment culture, the management systems of ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 are followed up.

The support of the executives and the employees are provided in order to fulfil HSE commitments and responsibilities.

The requirements of the legal legistlation of Turkish Republic are done to establish a safe and healthy working environment. The rules of the international organisations (OGP,, IAGC, IADC), which coordinate the sector-specific health, safety and environment operations, are applied.  For harmonization with the country legistlation of which the project is going on, due precautions are taken.




Health, Safety and Environmental policy, which is prepared and published by Merty/Beron is our commitments on these issues. , it is  primary objective and obligation of all our employees within the management and organization. Health, Safety and Environment policy is approved and documented by the highest level of the organization management and it is coherent with the in all lines of our organization’s.




Merty is certificated with SO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001 Management Systems at the head office and all work places connected, and these standardizations have been implemented and utilized since 2007. All certificated places are inspected by an independent external auditing company with respect to Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment and Quality.