Milestones | Merty Energy


Merty Energy found in April 2003 by Ongun and Berrin Yoldemir In october 2003 Merty Jointly with Petrako Ltd. awarded its first 2 licences

Merty (%10), Petrako (%10) and Otto Energy (%80) went into a JOA Agreement , In their three Thrace licences. Merty remained as the operator.

Merty Started its geological evaluation works in northern ıraq for several clients

Merty Introduced Turkish oil and gas industry to Incremental oil (Australia) and helped Incremental to buy Şelmo field and create PEMI to operate in Turkey.

Merty created first high resolution seismic crew for shallow gas exploration in Turkey.

PEMI joined Merty-Petrako and Otto by buying 65% of Otto’s interest in the JV Merty signed an agreement with ZORLU ENERGY to create and operate an oil an gas company for them (2005)

Merty acquired 7 licences for Zorlu Petrogas (Energy) (2006)

Merty created first private seismic data acquisition crew in Turkey by contracting the equipment from GK

Merty facilitated and technically supported the acquisition of Amity oil with its all assets for Zorlu Petrogas (2006)

Merty discovered several gas fields for itself and its clients (2006-2008)

Merty sold its 10% share in the MERTY-PETRAKO-PEMI-OTTO JV to PEMI

Merty acquired its first Sercel 428 XL with NOMAD 65 vibro’s, finalised the deal with GK.

Merty bought its first explosive crew from the privatisation of Hellenic Oil

Merty entered Iraq as a seismic acquisition company (2008)

Merty found Extrem Energy jointly with Xtract Energy Plc

Merty-Extrem discovered commercial oil in the Alaşehir basin with the Sarıkız-2 discovery well

Merty finalised the surface facilities for Sarıkız field and started production on 13 january 2010

Merty discovered Destan, and Catalca fields (2010-2011)

Merty entered in a JOA with MARSA Energy and Azure resources (2011)

Merty negotiated with Xtract for the 100% ownership of Extrem Energy and succeeded.