Seismic | Merty Energy




MERTY  ENERGY  constituted the most advanced and state of art  seismic fleet  capable to acquire 2D and 3D  seismic data using its NOMAD 65 vibro trucks  or  by using explosive source.

MERTY has  4 seismic equipment and crew  which  is also contracted  and give service internationally as well. MERTY ENERGY  is actively working Internationally  with the highest standarts and the data quality  following  international HSSE  standarts.

On the other hand MERTY posesses  2D and 3D seismic data processing and interpretation softwares and capability and supplies  these  services to the industry on a contractual basis Internationally. These  services are supplied  by BERON Petroleum Services Ltd in Turkish Operations and the exploration and production  companies in TURKEY

For the seismic operations in TURKEY,  BERON  Petroleum Services Ltd. is performing services and operatorship.

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