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Oil Field Services

Merty Energy,

Owns  2  drilling rigs  to use  for its own needs  and also to contract for services  and needs  of other companies  in the Industry

Merty Rig 1 : 180 tons  hookload, 1100 HP

Capable  to drill upto 3200 m. with 3 1/2 DP. and capable to drill upto 3500 m. slim hole.

Merty Rig 2 : 135 tons hookload,  550 HP

Capable to drill upto, 2500 m. with 4 1/2 DP, capable to drill upto 3000 m. slim hole

Merty also has the capability of well completion, cementing and acidising  also well testing  with all downhole equipment

for details  see..  www.beron.com.tr  web page


Starting with 01/01/2012  all Turkish operations  and contracting business in Turkey will be performed under the brand of  BERON Petroleum Services Ltd.  However ALL INTERNATIONAL contracting business and oilfield services  will be performed  as MERTY ENERGY  as it was before.

BERON  Petroleum Services  Ltd.  will act as a service provider and contractor for Merty Energy Itself and Other Players of the Industry under a joint contract  within the borders  of TURKEY  and all Turkish Operations.

By Doing this, Merty Energy has accomplished another step of its strategy to become an independent and private Oil & Gas Company dedicated to oil & gas exploration and production without being subject to conflict of interest worries in its partnerships and joint operations

For details about the capabilities  and all geological and geophysical operations please refer to BERON.LTD Webpage